The best massages in Warsaw

The best and effective massage in Warsaw

Artem Valchenko

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Let the best massages in Warsaw become your way of regeneration and relaxation

I know a way to overcome fatigue, depression and stress: use the services of a professional masseur in Warsaw. During a 60-90-minute massage at a time convenient for you and with the sounds of music or in silence, the massage will help you relax and regain balance.

You deserve it!

  1. Massage master Artem Valchenko is an educated specialist (trainer – instructor, technician – masseur, physiotherapist) with excellent knowledge of the human body and various techniques of the best massage in Warsaw.
  2. A massage master in Warsaw is an educated specialist who has undergone training and improved his qualifications at Profesja Edukacja, one of the best massage schools in Warsaw.
  3. Master Artem Valchenko is an educated specialist in the best massages in Warsaw. He not only performs massage, but also takes up challenges related to individual problems – testing, diagnosis, selection of effective techniques and a series of rehabilitation massages tailored to each patient.
  1. The quality of service at the best massages in Warsaw – we value professionalism and individual approach to each patient.
  2. We offer over 10 best massage services in Warsaw.
  3. You can undoubtedly see the effectiveness of massage in Warsaw after the first treatment.
  4. The use of proven brands of butter for massage in Warsaw – we use oils from renowned global producers that ensure 100% results.
  1. Cozy and relaxing massage rooms in Warsaw, equipped with comfortable fixed electric tables, creating a wonderful atmosphere.
  2. No queues, easy arranging treatments at Massage in Warsaw.
  3. Professional touches of the masseur, 60 – 90 minutes of massage in Warsaw with your favorite music, deep relaxation will leave you healthy, beautiful and happy for a long time.



Already after the first session at the best massages in Warsaw, patients experience significant benefits: reduction of pain, body circumference and cellulite, as well as elimination of chronic fatigue and depression.


Our patients often come to us based on recommendations from their friends and acquaintances who share beautiful legends about the excellent results of the best massage in Warsaw performed by Artem Valchenko.


I am a graduate of Profesja Edukacja, a renowned massage school in Poland, and the Academy of Physical Education, one of the leading institutions in Eastern Europe. I am an international participant in athletics competitions and a multiple medalist of national championships.


Positive patient opinions are the foundation of my reputation. Satisfied and healthy patients are the best advertising. Many of them regularly visit IDMassage – the best massages in Warsaw.


Patients who cannot be cured with drugs or injections often come to us. Even those whose situation seemed hopeless find support and help from us in Warsaw.


Patients receive the first consultation, examination and a gift from the best massages in Warsaw – IDmassage. As a result, you get a healthy body and a surge of energy, good mood and emotions.


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Найкращий та ефективний масаж у Варшаві


The best massages in Warsaw

Massage in Warsaw: Saving time

Time is the most valuable resource, and you don’t waste it traveling to a massage parlor in Warsaw.

The best massages in Warsaw

Quality of massage services in Warsaw

We offer massage in Warsaw of the highest quality in a cozy home (office) environment, on a comfortable massage table.

The best massages in Warsaw

A nice gift for employees: Massage in Warsaw

Take care of your employees in Warsaw, because their health and efficiency are your main capital.

The best massages in Warsaw

High level of service in Warsaw

A masseur in Warsaw comes with a massage table and everything necessary to perform a high-quality massage.

The best massages in Warsaw

Massage safety in Warsaw

I have appropriate education, certificates, diplomas and I come with antiseptics and protective masks to the Massage in Warsaw.