Massage subscription platinum


Massage subscription platinum

We invite you to take advantage of the unique Platinum massage subscription, created specifically for those seeking deep relaxation and comprehensive body care. This exclusive package includes a whopping 20 massage sessions, allowing you to enjoy 2-3 treatments per week, each lasting a full hour. This is a unique opportunity to take care of your body and mind regularly and comprehensively.

One of the key elements of the membership is the ability to choose the type of massage to suit your preferences and needs. Thanks to this, you can customize the experience to your individual expectations and enjoy the variety of techniques and healthy benefits that different types of massage bring. From relaxing to deeply relaxing, from therapeutic to anti-cellulite – the choice is yours.

The Platinum Massage Pass is valid for 2 months from the date of purchase, giving you plenty of time to schedule regular massage appointments and experience the full range of benefits that come with regular massage practice. This is an excellent opportunity not only for relaxation and rest, but also for improving well-being, reducing stress and improving physical fitness.

A massage at IDMassage is not only a luxurious pleasure, but also an important element of caring for health and balance in everyday life. Therefore, a Platinum massage subscription is not only a gift for the body, but also for the soul – it invites you to deep relaxation and regeneration on different levels.

Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this unique Platinum Massage Pass that will provide you with an unforgettable experience and benefits for your body and mind. The best massages in Warsaw – IDMassage are waiting for you!



Massage subscription platinum

We present to your attention the Platinum massage subscription, created for true connoisseurs of relaxation and self-care. This subscription includes 20 massages, which will allow you to use the treatments 2-3 times a week, each lasting 1 hour. The choice of a specific type of massage is at your discretion, providing complete freedom of choice and the opportunity to enjoy a variety of treatments.

Main characteristics of the Platinum massage subscription:

20 massages
Visits 2-3 times a week
Duration of each massage is 1 hour
Choose a massage at your discretion
Valid for 2 months from date of purchase

Don’t miss the opportunity to plunge into the world of relaxation and well-being with a Platinum massage subscription.

Best massages in Warsaw – IDMassage is your gateway to the best massage treatments in Warsaw.


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