Gift card 350


Gift card 350

Provides a unique opportunity to enjoy one massage lasting 1-2 hours. The choice includes a bioenergetic massage with a visit to the client for 1 hour, a 2-hour massage in the office or any other type of massage available on the site. The card is valid for 1 visit. Discover an unforgettable relaxation experience with a massage from IDMassage and Artem Valchenko, the best massage specialists in Warsaw.



Gift card 350

A wonderful gift for those who want to enjoy relaxation and relaxation with the help of a professional massage. This gift card allows you to enjoy one 1-2 hour massage, offering a wide range of treatments available. The card holder will be able to choose one of three options: bioenergy massage with a visit to the client for 1 hour, massage in the office for 2 hours or any other available massage on the site.

Massage is not only a way to relax the body, but also to calm the mind and improve well-being. Therefore, a 350 gift card is not only a material gift, but also a sign of concern for the health and well-being of the recipient. Having a variety of massage options to choose from allows you to tailor the experience to your individual needs and preferences, making this gift even more personal and appropriate.

The gift card is valid for one trip, which gives the opportunity to use the selected massage at a convenient time for the recipient. This is a great opportunity for a moment of relaxation and recovery after a busy day or as a gift for a loved one who deserves a moment of luxury and relaxation.

Thanks to the collaboration with IDMassage and Artem Walchenko, recognized massage specialists in Warsaw, you can be sure that the recipient is in good hands. Their professionalism and experience guarantee high quality services and an unforgettable massage experience.

Let the 350 gift card be your or your loved one’s guide to relaxation, rest and health care. Discover the best massages in Warsaw – IDMassage and treat yourself or your loved ones to moments of luxury and restoration with this unique offer.


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