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Treat yourself to health and relaxation with an IDMassage gift certificate

Discover a unique gift for your loved ones.
Are you dreaming of a unique gift that will bring real pleasure to your loved ones? An IDMassage gift certificate is the perfect choice! Allow your loved ones to relax in our exclusive office.

Why IDMassage Gift Certificates?

Individual approach: each massage is adapted to the client’s needs and preferences.

Professional masseurs: Experienced staff will provide you with a unique massage experience.

Scope of services: from relaxing massage to therapeutic massage – our gift card includes a wide selection of procedures.

Health and well-being: massage is not only about relaxation, it is also an investment in health and well-being.

Why are IDMassage gift certificates the perfect gift?

IDMassage gift certificates are not just a gift, they are an invitation to discover a new dimension of relaxation and self-care. Thanks to our card, your loved ones will have the opportunity to relax body and soul in our professional massage room.

How to buy IDMassage gift certificates?

Select an amount: Select the amount you want to transfer to the gift card.

Personalize the card: add personal wishes to make the gift unique.

Receive or send: pick up the card in person or use online delivery.


IDMassage gift certificates are an extraordinary gift for anyone who wants a moment of rest and rejuvenation. Give your loved ones a gift that will be remembered for a long time – give them an IDMassage gift card today!

IDMassage gift certificates are valid for one month from the date of purchase.

We guarantee that everyone will be satisfied. We treat each patient with respect and love.