Bioenergetic massage

Immerse yourself in the world of bioenergetic massage with IDmassage!

Exclusive bioenergy massage: high level of relaxation

We offer a unique massage opportunity that helps harmonize body weight, strengthen inner harmony and relax physically and mentally. Bioenergy massage is a technique using electrically conductive gloves to provide relaxation and energy retention in one session.

Bioenergy massage from IDmassage: Harmony of body and spirit

Take relaxation and inner harmony to a higher level with a bioenergetic massage from IDmassage. This is an extraordinary experience combining traditional massage techniques with a modern energetic approach. With electrically conductive gloves, it will put you into a state of deep relaxation, supporting regenerative processes and harmonizing the body’s energy.

Benefits of bioenergy massage

Restoring energy balance
Relaxation and regeneration
Increased vitality and energy
Improved mental and physical health

Bioenergetic massage helps release energy blocks and restore the smooth flow of energy, promoting an overall sense of balance and well-being. Stimulation of energy points and meridian channels provokes the body’s natural regeneration mechanisms, increasing the level of vital energy.

Health and Safety

Bioenergy massage may not be suitable for everyone. People with heart disease, pregnant women or other serious medical conditions should consult their healthcare provider before undergoing therapy. However, for many people it is a way to improve their mental, emotional and physical health.

Immerse yourself in the experience of bioenergetic massage from IDmassage and discover the benefits of harmony between body and spirit!

60 minutes

300 zł